End Daily, Nagging, and Annoying Neck and Shoulder Pain

Discover Solutions Before the Neck and Shoulder Pain Gets Worse

Nagging neck and shoulder pain

Nagging neck and shoulder pain that won’t go away. This doesn’t have to be you.

If you’re reading this and you’re aged 40+, then you’re obviously very serious about your health and want to protect and extend it. If you’ve been told to just take painkillers, or just to rub some lotion on it, or you’re been given some very GENERIC exercises offered to you by your family doc or a neighbor, then you’re right to object to that level of poor help.

You deserve better. You can have better so that you won’t suffer from daily, annoying and nagging pain in your neck and shoulder. I am very familiar with this type of problem. You’re reading words written by a guy who has had these problems. I know you want to play with your kids, golf, exercise, play tennis, racquetball, basketball, go out with friends, or just enjoy a good movie. I get it.

Neck and shoulder is VERY serious and they often go hand in hand. If you have one but not the other, that usually signals the arrival of the other in the not too distant future.  When I see patients with neck and shoulder pain, I take the time to listen and I want to hear all about what’s happening and what’s concerning you.

Ending this type of nagging and annoying neck and shoulder pain starts with not ignoring it. Ignoring these types of problems allows them to fester and grow and sometimes develop problems which are hard to reverse. While there’s always hope, it can difficult if you wait years to discover how we can help.

But, believe me, your suffering is going to end fast; once we start working on it. This isn’t like any type of chiropractic care you may have had in the past. It’s high tech, fast-acting. I know what you’re experiencing is real; it’s not in your head. It’s painful, but it doesn’t have to involve you being woken up through the night by your nagging shoulder pain. This thing is interrupting your good quality of life.

If you have an urgent need, call the office at 801-733-8300 and we’ll get you right in. Remember, this is NOT your age, and don’t have to accept it. There’s help: Specialist Hands-On Chiropractic Care. For more information, or if you need help making a good decision, call and speak to our office staff at 801-733-8300. Or, if you’d like to speak with me, Dr. Page, call the office or send me an email and we’ll schedule a time for a FREE over the phone chat about what’s going on. [email protected]

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